Back Home

29 Jul

I’ve reached the point in expat development where I use the word “home” indiscriminately to refer to both where I am originally from in the U.S. and where I currently live in Ireland.  This can be confusing to people – including myself.

If you follow this blog regularly (or are related to me) you will have noticed that I haven’t posted for a while because I’ve been home in California for the summer.


Yesterday we arrived home to Ireland to much tail wagging and breakfast and started the melancholy process of unpacking and re-establishing the ordinary rhythms of life.

Friday and Luna

I will try to post some of the memories from our summer here soon along with my reflections on them.  But one little chuckle I had as we drove to the San Francisco airport Saturday morning on our way to Ireland was that it seemed to me the city hid itself from us under a blanket of fog as if to obscure its spectacular beauty and ease the pain of our departure.  I thought, “thanks SF, for not making it harder to leave”.

Leaving SF


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