Country Life

28 Apr

When we decided to move from SF to Ireland 8 months ago, one of our major goals was to get the girls a little extra space and a bit more of a rural experience. It seems we have exceeded our expectations.

The ever-present outlooks over the scenic green hills of County Clare are enhanced by the frequent presence of various animals, including the cows in the fields and the rabbits on our deck.

Every morning the girls feed their rabbits and clean out the bedding in the hutch. Mary noticed however, that the cows from the neighboring field were also starting to gather at the fence pretty regularly where Grace was known to hang out trying to pet them. She said “Grace, what are you doing to those cows? They seem to be looking for you.”

Grace says “They’re not cows, they’re bullocks mom. And I sing to them and tell them stories.”

So the other day, I said “Grace, take me down to the fence so I can get a picture of you talking to the cows.” She just grabs a bag, stuffs it with grass and calls to them from the fenceline.

The cows come over to Grace, and she feeds them and talks to them. She wouldn’t sing to them in front of me though. Apparently that’s just for her and the cows…I mean bullocks.

I think the girls are getting that rural experience.


One Response to “Country Life”

  1. Guadalupe Pollock April 28, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

    I think the girls are so lucky to be experiencing the country life! Hope everyone is well. Still loving your blog! Hello and love to all.

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